designing your dynamic website


  • Design your dynamic website
      • de website your property
      • no extra cost for takeover
      • responsive design
      • important pages needed to make your business shine.
      • Adjust util 100% satisfaction (max 3 months)
      • CMS wordpress easy to adjust yourself
      • training if necessary (not included)
      • payment: only one (before start)
  • Not included:
    • costs for domain name and web space (can be 1 or more domain name)
    • training 3 hours 100,00 euro excl.tva.


A good website should “work” for you rather than be a static pamphlet.
A good website is dynamic and interactive.
It tels your customer what to expect from you and how to get in touch with you.
Your website should makes direct business possible.
For example, you can link a shop to your website or ensure that your visitors can quickly contact your company.