Your social media management

Regular changes are needed to keep attracting the customer’s attention.
Social Media offers you a huge platform to get in touch with your target audience.
When you do it good, it can hve a major impact on the ranking of your website in Google.

After all, a website that does not change regularly falls quickly in the ranking and is therefore less visible.

But a website should not change too much so as not to create a restless impression.

In order to attract and keep the attention of the customer, we link the website to a Facebook page and / or an Instagram account. Here we can regularly post messages, tell your story, offer promotions, etc….

At Design your online identity, however, we are aware that running a business is very intensive and requires the necessary time and attention, so we often do not have time for regular posting and following up on messages.

social media management

we love to see how your business grow

We post messages and supplement your story with the right regularity. We check when it is the best moments to post and capture responses to forward them to you.