We all have are personal identity and so does your company.
That is who we are, our values, what we have to offer, what we mean to our customers.

Every business relation comes from the connection between two identities and how they find each other.
That is why you must “stand out” and make yourself visible.

In the past people mainly used advertising, windows, direct mail, etc., today they are increasingly using the online network and social media.

Internet is a powerful instruments that require a special approach.
They have the advantage of being free and accessible to anyone who wants to learn more.

But make no mistake … Running a business requires time and energy.
Promoting your business on the internet also requires a lot of energy, even a lot more energy.
Although there is good will to create your onw website, your own Facebook page…all self made.
Running your business and in the mean time make sure your website our webshop is up to date,  there often is not enough time for all this.

That is way you can engage  ‘Design your online Identity’ as an additional team to help you with this.

Not only for designing and creating an active website and maintaining it, but also for the management of your social media as well and if you need business advice like organization, marketing, personnel and tools needed to run a successful business.

The experience of more than 30 years working in different companies – think out of the box – see things that you cannot see when you are on the inside.

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Ilse Vanbrabant